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silky long blonde hair chantelle an independent escort in london west end

all photos are 100% genuine photos of me




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My name is Chantelle
I am 28 and 5'8" tall
- slender and lovely proportions





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I am attracted to only professional, respectful and generous gentlemen

please note: I only see gentlemen

over the age of 45

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chantelle - sparkling eyes - beautiful skin







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my long blonde hair (all natural)


holidays available after previous meeting





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My lovely red bikini photos were taken on the roof

of a London Mayfair Studio


please remember - all photos are 100% genuine photos of me


chantelle long blonde hair west end london  sexy leather black dress


my latest gallery - Chantelle

image1 topless escort  slender busty  model elite long blonde hair kensington london
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Chantelle - an independent escort London


I am a luxury independent escort in London.

It is important to note that EVERY photo on my website is of me - 100%

I have very silky, all natural, very long blonde hair that falls to below my bottom

my hair is ALL NATURAL

I have a beautiful face with high cheek bones and big sparkling blue eyes

I have not had any surgery on any part of my face or body


I have a tiny waist and like to show it off with tight belts

I adore looking as attractive as I can and subsequently receiving fabulous comments

to keep looking as beautiful as I can, I put a LOT effort and stay really fit and sexy


Chantelle - can be spoilt!

I DO like fast expensive cars!

the Ferrari and Aston Martin showrooms are nearby


if you want to spoil me - buy one for me :)


I like to wear designer clothes and love Chanel - I love so much the Parisian Chic

lovely perfume makes me feel very appealing




I love expensive shoes with very high heels

when entering a posh restaurant in fabulous high heels -


All the photos on the site are 100% genuine and were taken in different studios in London recently



Chantelle - love of designer clothes

I am a lingerie model and have always loved top designer clothes




I adore fashion - I love to look glamorous and sohisticated




long blonde hair  exciting appealing irresistible  london sexy    alluring gorgeous sexy pose  chantelle



hello again to all lovely charming gentlemen in London and all over the world

If you are on holiday in London or a short business trip I would love to see you

do not hesitate too long - just invite me to a lovely
romantic, delightful dinner date - to be forever remembered
or a sensual, passionate, steamy, flirty evening or an inviting, hot, sweet overnight stay

I am a girl that can be spoilt by deserts or silky lingerie or a surprise
I love stockings and suspenders because they are so sensual and provocative

I am fluent in English and will use my love of English
to whisper seductive sweet nothings in your ear

my luscious natural silky long blonde hair is irresistible to men
and reaches to the bottom of my suspender belt

my big sensual blue eyes are very seductive -
you will be lost in them
I will flutter my eyelashes to captivate you and
raise your temperature!

My heavenly big blue eyes are the foundation of my face -
my looks constantly get attention -
whether in shops, restaurants or on the street
It is for me why being beautiful is so good

I am slim but with sexy natural curves-
lovely hips and
gorgeous, shapely and very appealing natural breasts

I have a very tiny waist and
when belted
it is even smaller and accentuates my delectable and arousing shape -
so much so you will not be able to take your eyes off -
you will remember my tiny waist for a very long time

I love and respect English culture -and I love English men
and men that respect me

I can be deliciously and adorably flirty


independent escort angelblonde mayfair high class elite looking stunning posed on the roof in the summer showing off he long legs


to keep looking beautiful I try to get lots of excercise and fresh air

I think you will find it impossible to resist me
when you meet me

I am open and honest and am not covering my lovely face


I want to meet well educated men 45 or over
(and any age older )

I normally never meet anybody younger

I am intelligent and well educated
and have a worldly attitude to life
I have travelled but want to travel even more
- sometimes just to lie on a hot beach
but other times to explore rare corners of the world

I have a very flirty nature and great sense of humour
I love to chat and I am a good listener

I love honest and very generous people
and the most important thing is that we have lots of fun together

Good balance is very important in my life
when I am going out I dont like things too quiet
or on the other hand, extremely crazy

I love social life, I love to be taken out and especially shopping makes me happy

I love exciting and colourful events like formula 1
or fashion shows or pop concerts
also musicals
by contrast, a quiet, sophisticated dinner date in a posh restaurant
can be very enjoyable

I love attention from men

I love to be spoilt - maybe you could spoil me with some sexy designer dresses and sexy high heels or sexy diamonds !

I like a man thats kind, gentle, well educated, generous, intelligent and funny

I can quickly adapt to most if not all social situations
from acting like a rock star to change in 1 minute to a sophisticated princess

I love flirting with men and teasing and seducing men

I like the atmosphere of a nice restaurant when the
lighting is soft and low, the food is very delicious and the music is
slow and romantic

I am delighted to be able to walk around the lovely
area where I live
Xmas time with the streets decorated with lights and the sparkling
shop windows is especially exciting

I do like sports and keep fit on my rollers and running
and light exercise in the gym





beautiful face high cheekbones seductive laugh

"I love people who make me laugh.
I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh.
It cures a multitude of ills.
It's probably the most important thing in a person."



"for beautiful eyes,
look for the good in
others. For beautiful
lips,speak only
words of kindness;
and for poise, walk
with the knowledge
that you are never


beauty stunning classy seductive and alluring


extremely good looking one of the prettiest faces of all time gorgeous eyes




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my latest gallery - Chantelle

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the beauty of a magnificent head of blonde hair is due to a tiny change in the DNA structure

just 1 fifth change in a single gene can result in blonde hair!

a luxurious long blonde mane hanging down the back of a beautiful tall slim leggy model is one of the world's most beautiful sights

Blondes first appeared in northern europe which still has the greatest proportion of natural blondes

the allure of beautiful golden hair is universal and blonde girls are coveted and held in high esteem





London is a very vibrant city.

London is full of energy and trendy.

It is the most glamorous city in Europe

and has a population of over 8 million London has a sparkling night life scene

It is an Intenational capital of culture, art, music, fashion and trade

In the UK the exchange of sexual services for money is legal

The use of escort in London is not against the law (unless underage of course)






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